Tree & Shrub Program

Our Tree and Shrub Program covers 6 rounds of service, from dormant oil spray before spring, deep root injection in the spring, a full insect and disease control program during the summer, and a fall deep root injection fertilization.

Round 1: Dormant Oil Spray

This treatment smothers insects and insect eggs burrowed in the bark of trees and shrubs.  In this stage, scale is the main target.

Round 2: Spring Fertilization

Your plant material will be fertilized with a full, balanced fertilizer.

Round 3: Insect and Disease Control

Late spring and early summer is the time to control insects and disease before they do damage.  Bagworms, aphids, and mites are in the early stages of growth and may not be visible at this time.

Round 4: Insect and Disease Control Part I

All types of insect activity occurs in summer months.  The timing and materials utilized in our program are designed to give you the maximum impact for controlling damaging insect populations.

Round 5:  Insect and Disease Control Part II

The later months of summer may bring insect and disease problems depending upon the heat level.  Spraying will be conducted if warranted.

Round 6: Fall & Winter Deep Root Injection Fertilization

We have designed and formulated a winter application for feeding and building up root systems and winter food stores.  Please note that we cannot guarantee control of Pine Wood Nematodes or Boares; however, we have had some success in saving trees with this damage.

To download a month-by-month schedule of our program, click here.

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Example of our Tree Maintenance Program

Tree ans Shrub Program Schedule

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